Council Information

The following documents are available for inspection by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Equal Opportunities Policy 

Osgathorpe Parish Council is committed to equal opportunities.

It is Osgathorpe Parish Councils policy to ensure that no job applicant , employee or user of facilities received less  favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex , gender , religion, age , marital status ,  social class, disability , or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown just.

1. Council Internal Practice and Procedure

Minutes of council meetings can be found in the document archive

2. Members Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Members register of interests

Members register of interest book

3. Periodic Electoral Review

Information relating to the last periodic review of the council area

Information relating to the latest boundary reviews of the council area

4. Employment Practice and Procedure

Terms and conditions of employment

Job descriptions

5. Planning Documents

Responses to planning applications

6. Audit of Accounts

Annual return form - limited to the last financial year

Annual statutory report by the auditor (internal and external) - limited to the last financial year

Receipts & payments book.  Bank statements from all accounts - limited to the last financial year

Precept request - limited to the last financial year

VAT records - limited to the last financial year

Asset Register

Risk Assessments

7. Standing Orders can be found here

8. Statement of Internal Control

9. Latest Precept